Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bargain Books, dinosaurs, etc

The clearance and thrift books I got int he past couple of weeks:

Bonus: book-loving kitty

Opened book in the middle is Wildlife of the Oceans, 1979 Chanticleer Press. The scientific illustrations at the end were what really sold me, but it's full of very nice photos and paintings.

Also found Volume 1 of that NMNH Illustrated Library of Nature, with bonus table of contents for the entire set. I found out that 13 and 14 contain the section on Prehistoric Life, so I trolled Amazon to see if I can find cheap copies of them. I've kinda started to get attached to this series.

A Family of Dinosaurs, Troll Associates 1989. The cover looks totally unremarkable but it turns out to have been illustrated by John Bindon, who's done a lot of widely published and recognizable dinosaur images. I rather like the loose pen and ink drawings in this book, glad I found it in the pile of lame childrens' books at Goodwill.

Below: fold-out page from the Spiderwick book. I don't know anything about the actual fiction series, but it has REALLY nice illustrations, and if you obsess over animals and morphology you'll probably find a lot of interesting zoological references by picking over some of the designs. I'm not really a big fan of anthropoid creatures in general, but the artist (Tony deTerlizzi) makes pixies, nixies, goblins and giants appealling even to me by throwing in all those strange bestial details.

Did proper Equids have such even toes? I thought Hyraco- was more a proto-equid...

(I could jump off from this image to the post on Walton Ford I was planning on making, but I think I'll save that for when I have time to also get into Gould, etc. and antique zoological illustration in general)


Remember this post I made last month?
I found a fully-developed takedown of the entire book, on a site I've actually read before (but lost the bookmark for when my last computer died.)

Stupid Dinosaur Lies: The Great Dinosaur Mystery and the Bible

I still have to sit down and read the whole thing, along with other stuff on that site that I haven't read, but it's fun.

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  1. I haven't read the Spiderwick book either, saw the movie. It had goblins and Nick Nolte. The field guide was interesting though you only see a few pages.

    This reminds me of another movie Neverwas, which I did like a lot. It's subverted fantasy and there was a field guide to fantastical beings in it too, the only thing the two movies have in common...

    Gould? WALTON FORD!? That man is absolutely sick, his illustrations are top notch.

    Oh, heh *snicker* dinos in Eden...indeed.

    What really irritates me about creationists, ID-ers et al is how they conveniently fall back on genetics and heredity and other science-based answers when it suits them (such as when answering questions like 'why are there different human races') and act like it's all hogwash when it doesn't. Consistency, ppl, is not always a hobgoblin.

    Hopefully they'll never go away because we need the lulz. Have you read their tortuous, embarrassed answers to stuff like So Okay Who Did Cain Marry??? (Ans: XOMG God allows incest!!11! )