Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I don't have much money to spare, so my shopping is limited to thrift stores. More books. There were at least 5 or 6 paleo/dino books in the kid section I would have liked to collect, but they weren't really worth how much they were charging. I have no idea where they pulled those prices out of their ass honestly. Maybe if they were like 2 or 3 dollars, but not 8...

Two shirts because lately I dress like a scrub and need clothing.
The Illustrated Outline History of Mankind, (c) 1951, 1965 printing
A cheap Japanese book with general weird usage notes and common mistakes in speech.
ABC's of Nature, 1984 Reader's Digest, it's one of those nice type of nature books I collect.
Two volumes of The Story of Civilization by Will Durant: The Life of Greece, and Our Oriental Heritage (spanning the Near East/Mesopotamia/Asia/Egypt) Copyrighted 1935, 19th printing 1954. The Greece one is a gift for my lil sis.
Cheap Houji-cha, the tea of champions
Asian pears given to me by the Japanese lady who runs Asahi grocery, she said they're from her tree. UWWAAAAA so sweet.

Below some pictures of the History of Mankind. It's a cute book.

Your Touhou Arrange:

EastNewSound - 緋色月下、狂咲ノ絶 -1st Anniversary Remix-

This link doesn't have the English translation, but the lyrics are quite interesting.

I haven't had the time to devote to a couple of very involved posts I want to make, so this is for now.


  1. D'aww, Eva! <3333

    You're going to love the next critter on my blog. It's my first extinct thing! :D

  2. IMOUTO-CHAAN~ Well, this means I have to put something else in your box... I might need a bigger one

    OK I'm finally going to read up on it, I've been extremely distracted in the past week or so. SOrry about that... <3