Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Consumption as Identity

I keep thinking about how ridiculous it is that in a society like this, where my life (however inadequate it might be) is actually very wasteful and privileged, one is still expected to consume more just in order to get by and be 'normal.' Sure I can't afford to go to the doctor when I get sick, or fix my car if it breaks, or go to the dentist to repair my multiple cavities, but I still have more useless things and excessive dwellings and plentiful food sources than most people on the planet.

I'm a pretty simple person, but after entering the 'real world' it became obvious I was supposed to be doing and buying more. More and nicer clothing, even makeup that I didn't want to wear, so others won't think I'm dirty or weird, for example. Well, that's what I was told all my life, so when I actually had my own money, I started to buy different things than I was used to buying.

What sort of objects make you look normal and grown-up? Well, you have to have a 'place' of your own. When you get it, it needs things, right? So when someone comes over they see that you have things, and by extension, the wherewithal to purchase them; but most of all, the desire to do so.

I feel like a better citizen when I buy matching towels and cloths for my bathroom, and a rug that coordinates with them. Stuff to put in my kitchen so it looks like I do things in there, like people do in kitchens when they have families. Shoes I wouldn't normal think of wearing, because you have to have some impractical shoes to let people know you will occasionally sacrifice comfort. A few items of clothing that are in style, even if you can't afford more than a couple at a time and they're all from discount stores, and you don't even know when you'll need to wear them -- but you don't want to be caught off guard and make an awful impression.

A bunk bed would be really nice; I like the idea of putting things on the top, and having an extra bed if the need appears, but also the feeling of sleeping on the bottom mattress and feeling like an animal in a nice quiet cave. but I have a big person bed that I sleep in alone anyway. Someone would laugh at me if I had a bunk bed.

I feel better about myself when I buy things, because what would people think otherwise? I try really hard, but I don't think I actually know much about dressing myself or being normal, so maybe it looks really 'off' to everyone else, but at least they can see I try to be a normal American with a job, a car, and a place to live? If you don't have these things, or don't want them, you're a failure.

Well, this is what I
really want to consume: things that were pre-consumed as many years ago as possible. Fundamentally, I'm terrible about being an American.

I found a new Goodwill when I was job-hunting.
Nice dino book I'll show off later. Bag of plastic animals, which I bought b/c it had dinosaurs in it. A giant stuffed theropod. A plate 'famous bristol seaport' or something, with english sailing ships on it. A rather hefty resin tiger sculpture. A Great Wall of China paperweight. Two national park souvenir mugs. A glass with mystery city on it which I'll ask about later. a silver-plated duck bank, which is identical to one I was given when i was a baby, scarf and all. (mine lost an eye, and the scarf.) A collection of weird chalkware coin banks. I love the pig, he's dressed in Chinese style clothing, I think.

All dinos from the bag. Some from Toobs I think, some of unknown provenance, one Schleich raptor. The little silly ones in front are kind of cute, but blue mystery guy is missing a head, and the cute Styrac is missing his front legs T_T

Nice Aussie animals, and two random Pokeymanz.
EDIT: Found the Aussies Missing the croc :( But I think the snake is actually in with the other animals I didn't photograph. Pretty amazing really. And you don't see a cassowary figure every day.

Closer up on the random objects.


C-CLAYS - 螺鈿 (Mother of Pearl)

Prepare yourself for shock and awe:

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  1. HEEE, CASSOWARY! And Pokeymanz, but CASSOWARY! :D

    Yeah, I agree...people are supposed to buy, buy, buy. It's sad. :(

  2. Yes XD I thought you'd like that.

    The platypus is cute too.

    BTW, what is the pokeyman on the left...?

  3. Nice dinosaurs :)


  4. O_O really nice, are those Safari's?

    I like the Corythosaurus (?) on the right. Is that a Theriz behind it?

    Nice liopleurodon (? I think that's a Safari one... unless it was Kronosaurus) Who's the beaked standing guy on the upper right? He's cute.

    Oh, I just noticed that Iguanodon is lovely.

    Myself right now I lust after two in particular: http://www.dinosaurcollector.150m.com/papo_files/allosaurus_papo.jpg http://www.foreignfilms.com/film.php?asin=B0012AP0C0&t=Safari%20LTD%20Carnegie%20Giganotosaurus%20%28%29 Well o/c I want lots of others, but those 2 come to mind especially.

  5. Well I don't know when is your birthday, but you just got the second one :)
    Now I just need an adress. Maybe we can discuss that on DA's notes? (And don't refuse please, it's already bought. I'm just happy to share things with another dinosaur enthousiast, plus it just feels good to please)

    As for my collection, it's safari. The one behind the Corythosaurus is a Plateosaurus. In the back we have the Kronosaurus, and the cute one on the upper right is a Psittacosaurus (noticed the parrot-like beak?). Maybe you'd like a more precise photo of a few of them?

  6. O__O GIGA-SAMAA!!!

    Oh, I'd like to see a photo of the Psittacosaurus if you have one. I thought that at first, but I didn't remember seeing one like that before, is it newer? I was just looking around some dino toy lists and stuff last night and found a Procon Psittacosaurus that's actually very cute http://s299.photobucket.com/albums/mm299/eva-st-clare/?action=view&current=proconpsitt.jpg (usually they're not that great, but I want their Olorotitan as well) Don't think I've ever seen one look as lively and modern as the one you have.

    I see, Plateo not Theriz. I found the Safari Plateo last night, now I remember what it looked like.

    While I was looking, I found a new Carnegie Ichthyosaurus http://i299.photobucket.com/albums/mm299/eva-st-clare/cm_icthyosaurus.jpg Jeez... the paint job, and the little ammonite, just sold me on this one.

    Procon Jobaria deluxe figure: http://i299.photobucket.com/albums/mm299/eva-st-clare/88395jobariadlx.jpg more expensive but wow it's really nice looking. Some of their figures look really dumpy but this is amazing.

    http://www.dinotoyblog.com/ Ever been here? Hehe I look at this stuff alll the time and make wish lists despite being too cheap to afford so many figures :P

    anyway, you've made an old woman very happy %D Now, what's your favorite dinosaur again? Lately I've been partial to therizinosaurs and alvarezsaurids in general so I don't know that I have a favorite.

  7. One really interesting Safari figure thing:
    Old Allosaurus http://www.linkandpinhobbies.com/graphics/carnallo.gif (I used to work at a craft store where we sold Safaris, for some strange reason I never used my discount to get the nice Apatosaurus, but I always hated this figure when I was stocking them)

    NEW Allosaurus: http://www.linkandpinhobbies.com/Graphics/WS_ALLOSAURUS%20NEW.jpg Wow, i'm not crazy about green on theropods for some reason, but what an improvement on the sculpt...

  8. There you go:


    The Psittacosaurus is dated 1998, so it's not really recent, and kind of different from the one you showed me (the tail is rendered differently).

    That Ichtyosaurus looks intimidating, but the kronosaurus stays the beast of my nightmares. The paint job indeed looks clean and well made.

    Thanks for the link I didn't know about this blog, now I have to bookmark that. (and you recognise those Deinonychuses? next to the pteranodon on the picture I showed you :) )

    About the allosaurus, the one I showed at the beginning of the comment is a Safari 1988 Allosaurus, quite different from the newer ones...

    I'm glad you're looking forward to the gigantosaurus (also you don't seem to be that old...), it'll find it's new home on tuesday if the estimation is correct.

    My favourite... It's hard to say, I need to think about it...