Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Before anyone else asks,

...no, I've never done 'shrooms.

I'm probably outing myself a little much since this is fan art, but the subject matter is good opportunity to make myself use a bunch of obnoxious colors and still try to make it tolerable. Well, I have no idea how someone else would see it but the colors manage not to make my eyes bleed somehow so I feel successful in that.

Practice with pigment liner and copic markers on bristol, for a change.

Before you ask the other question, no I'm not ashamed. Marisa (the witch) is the most adorable little character in the history of ever and I want her image stuck all over my trapper keeper. Shut up that's why. (It's weird, trying to write as if people who don't already know me are reading this.)

I should note here that Alice, Marisa and Shanghai-doll belong to the one-man Team Shanghai Alice(aka ZUN) and not to me. But if you look even slightly into the Touhou fandom you'd be surprised it wasn't some massive public hallucination that gave birth to these characters... I was, since the creator has no problem with the billions of fan works dedicated to it


  1. It's awesome. You have to do an artbook and include that one.

  2. Aha XD If only one could use fan arts for somethign like that, since I've had useful practice playing around with Touhou (see the last Yukari pic I did in SAI, I learned a lot that time...)

    Kind of useful subject to play with re: colors and clothing and char design adaptation, since ZUN's art even with its naive charms leaves a lot of possibility for tuneups.

    Plus its just plain CUTE, speaking as a grown-ass woman who carries a Sanrio Landry raccoon wallet and collection of Sanrio dishes *hides*

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  4. Sweet picture.

    -your brother and his g/f

  5. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=196003&id=506418760&l=3c49f210af

    Theres a link so you can see Tegan if ya want