Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fun with Creationism

Oh I was excited about this one. It was so worth the $4.
Published 1987 by MASTER BOOKS, Paul S. Taylor and "Films For Christ Association" and with a foreword by someone from "Institute for Creation Research"

Again... Adam, is there something you'd like to talk about? Everyone gets a little lonely sometimes, but...

Because there are dragons in Chinese legend, they used Kentrosaurs to pull their wagons. I thought this was suddenly Dinotopia, but apparently it's actual history.

Food for thought... if you have trouble tying your shoes and dressing yourself.

Now here's something interesting:

Totally random Parasaurolophus. Or is it??!

This William Stout image was published in 1981, in the following classic book: (pictured: my original childhood copy that I probably got when I was like 6 years old or younger, I don't remember. I also have the updated reissue.) If you're wondering how I noticed this, that book was glued to my hands throughout my grade school years and I could probably recognize a copy of any single picture or pose in the whole thing. I'm not exaggerating, sadly. You know the worst part? It isn't even a good copy, why bother imitating a master if you're just going to do it half-assed anyway.

Above: An actual good book

Food for thought. Now, if you're wondering about the solution to the actual Dinosaur Mystery, we learn the folllowing facts:

--Dinosaur fossils are not found with labels or photographs attached. (I did not know that.)

--Dinosaurs are mentioned in the Bible numerous times.

--"Scientists have found no crater hole where the supposed meteorite (the K-T event) struck the earth."
The crater was discovered by Glen Penfield, a geophysicist ... in the late 1970's

--Dinosaurs survived after the Flood, even though all the remains we find were made during the Flood, because Noah took some "basic kinds" of dinosaur on the ark.

--"The dinosaurs lived for at least a few centuries after the Flood, but probably never in the great numbers that there had once been."

--"No one knows exactly when they finally died out"

--Dinosaurs did not evolve from reptiles.

--God punishes Sin. Wait--

That was fun, wasn't it? I learned a lot. Now here is your Daily Touhou Arrange:

Syrufit - Arc of Dream

More techno/vocal trance type stuff.

**By the way, formatting entries on this thing is a pain in my ass. Why is it so difficult? I've tried about 10 times to change the size of the text in that link, and every time I go back to edit, the text is changed back to Times New Roman. I'm going to smash something.


  1. "All animals, including the first dinosaurs were created to benefit mankind in one way or another"

    I'm sure god was like "mmmh, what could I do to benefit mankind? Oh I know, Ceratosaurus nasicornis and Allosaurus fragilis, after all each new animal must be a fun surprise"

    *meanwhile* Adam: "No matter how big those creatures are, God is always far grea-HOLY SHIT RUN!!!!"

    *sigh* I wish I could ride dinosaurs too, and what the hell is that thing on the second line of those skeleton/reconstitution? A smiling lion?

    And wow, that Parasaurolophus got buff when he was copied over. The original illustration is nice though.

    Well thanks, I sure learned a lot too, good thing that book was there to rectify all these false ideas I got reading actual paleontology.

    Nice arrange, very catchy.

    Here's another:

  2. Hah, yes. that part made me imagine Adam as a little kid sitting around a Christmas tree, clapping his hands everytime he opened an animal-present. YAYYY!! A Tanystropheus, Thank You God! It's what I've always wanted!"

    As for what the thing is, beats me. The idea seems to be that we can't know what any animal looked like at all because they may have had really fluffy fur or feathers. OK, because other than that there are no differences between a weasel and a cheetah and you could never guess they were a different animal from the skeleton. Huh?

    If you like paleo illustration you should look for that book... THe original ed. is outdated in some ways of course, but it was re-issued as 'The New Dinosaurs' in 2000, with notes in the back about new discoveries, and all new art from Stout. He's one of my favorite artists and hah, one of most treasured books of all time I suppose. He also did a lot of comic book art and other illustration.

    Oh cool... I haven't yet played IaMP, that's a pretty nice arrange of it. I should really get that one soon.

  3. **Note that it should not be confused with "The New Dinosaurs" by Dougal Dixon, which is ENTIRELY different but pretty fun in its own way.