Sunday, August 22, 2010

Teach The Controversy

Can you find the Scientology one?

Personally I'd go with the Invisible Pink Unicorn, but Chthulhu is good too...


  1. (not exactly related but did you read the call of Cthulhu novel by Lovecraft?)

  2. Oh, I've read all of the Lovecraft. : D LOVE IT

  3. So do I. So you read that short story "the colour out of space"? That one really creeped me out. I find the lovecraftian mythology very interesting, and I love the way he writes, he's able to pull the reader into his world.

  4. Oh yeah! I love that one. Right now I can't even remember which are my favorite, although Dunwich Horror is a lot of fun, and I also like Mountains of Madness... (I've heard rumors someone was trying to get a movie script for that one)

    HPL has his issues (random racism of the times, tendency to go all purple) but he really does have a talent for getting you into the atmosphere and making everything seem tangible and vivid. I like that about his writing most of all. (Then again, I might have a higher tolerance for purple prose than some people, which is evident in my own writing lol)

    I went through a phase when I was feeling really unwell some years ago, and randomly sat down and read the entire online archive of his stories over however long. I'd do so in the middle of the night and I'm ashamed to admit that plenty of them creeped me right out.