Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Learning never ends


June Acquisitions (and dinos)

Secondhand things: FINALLY acquired Long and Hendersons' Dawn of the Dinosaurs for $6, and Feathered Dinosaurs for 7. I didn't want to pay full price because the layout is so screwed up, but still wanted it in my collection.

Enjoy some images from that "Adventures in the Wilderness" book, I forget the year of publishing but will edit it later...

In preparation for boxing up, snapshot of my dino figure collection so far (excluding JP Tapejara, Kaiyodos, and some random small figs and Chinasaurs.)

Your Touhou Arrange: Liz Triangle featuring lily-an, Yasaka Kanako's boss theme from Mountain of Faith (Suwa Foughten Field - The Great Exalted Battlefield)

Kanako is awesome

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Fossil Book, 1958

Carroll Lane Fenton and Mildred Adams Fenton

I got this for $10. It's really cool and has 482 pp. Actually it's pretty good where invertebrate fossils are concerned. From Acknowledgments:

Restorations of invertebrates are based chiefly upon our own studies. Those of vertebrates emobdy the work of Knight, Horsfall, Price, Germann, and other artists, and of such paleontologists as Osborn, Matthew, Scott, Case, Williston, Merriam, Stock, Simpson, and Romer. Restorations of plants reveal our debt to Seward, Wieland, Goldring, and other authorities.

In places you can probably see where direct inspiration was taken...