Friday, January 28, 2011

Day of the Dinosaur, by John Man

Waldenbooks LOL I'm old

Goodwill find. It's likely that I read this book at some point when I was small, but I don't remember. Its chief points of interest are being old (1978) and having a lot of Neave Parker illustrations.

This is my favorite of the non-Parker illustrations. For the record, most of those are merely serviceable. There are however a lot of photos, vintage art and such, and even a profile of Franz Nopcsa, all-around total badass superhero of paleontology, espionage, and awesomeness and, if there is any justice, future subject of an epic movie (also, gay. Seriously, read about him.)

badass retro

Things were... slimier in the '60's,apparently .

What's a paleo book without a timeline...?

Unusually for a book this old (I think?) the text assumes birds to have descended from dinosaurs and has quite a bit about Archaeopteryx. At least, I don't remember this being a mainstream thing in books from that time, but I could be wrong. I was still a baby when this book was written, and don't remember the dinosaur-t0-bird descent being a given in all books of my time, either.


RIP Luna, my sweet little budgie. She died of a mysterious illness that showed itself too late for the vet to do any real good and I'm so sorry. I've been pretty upset for a few days. Since Loki has never been kept alone, I was afraid of him getting lonely and stressed out, so I got a new friend. Her (?) name is Okuu (お空.)

空 or 'sora' (Chinese reading 'kuu') is the character for sky. I didn't actually have a name in mind, but it was suggested in comments. Only because she is sky blue, and not because she has anything in common with the namesake Okuu/Reiuji Utsuho, the nuclear fusion powered hell raven from Chireiden:At least two differences: she's missing the arm cannon and Chernobyl elephant's foot (not pictured here)

More Touhou vocal trance arrange, by Sound Online (Tsukasa)

Eternal Rite
Cosmos Glide
Tsukasa contributes to East New Sound, with which I'm also obsessed.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Books by Request!

I had a request for info about these books from a commenter on my DA page. Sorry that it's taken so long to finally post these images...

Dinosaurs (Eyes On Nature), 2002, Rebecca L. Grambo

Endpapers look like the work of Jim Robins (I very much like his work, see here for some examples), but many images in this book are only credited to an agency, so I can't say for sure.
Discover Dinosaurs, 2002 Glut/Dodson

Not sure why I chose this particular page to sample, but I guess it's as representative as any other.

Nothing particularly amazing, but they're fun.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Thrift dinos of 2011

I've looked everywhere for one of those 3-tiered wire hanging baskets for fruit and stuff to use in the kitchen (I even went to WALMART because I want one so badly,) but instead I found these--

Chap Mei Amargasaurus (I think) and Oviraptor (I didn't notice it was missing its hands until just now when I was taking the picture ;_; ), 1988 Carnegie Stegosaurus, a fugly yellow theropod (I think it was an Allosaurus or something from a Zallinger painting), what looks like a mutant Pinacosaurus, and a Protoceratops.

I had wanted those 2 small Chap Mei's, shame about the Oviraptor hands as otherwise it's a cute figure really... I love the Amargasaurus though. it's so unrealistic, the colors are great.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

First of 2011

Sketch of Lucina (my character from the unnamed story) As it turns out, the 2011 rabbit wasn't on purpose, it was just a random quiet forest creature that ended up there.

Lucina and art are (c) me

Songs: Antony , Current 93 , Chrono Cross OST

I hid that trembling light in my young hands

I've traveled this far, wandering the abyss of time

I continued to search for you, though I know not even your name

I wanted to hand over to you just one single feeling

Times catches deep in its arms both love and pain

And erases them, but I remember them

And always will...

It's reverberated deep in my breast for I know not how long..

Though it's a whisper fainter than a drop of evening dew

May the prayer I spun towards the darkness of the frozen stars

Reach all the way to your distant sky...

Heavens to Margatroid

I don't feel very well today, but wanted to post something since I've been too busy to do so for a while.

Outing again as a nerd, random sketch I did of Alice Margatroid from Touhou Project, while I was waiting on a job interview. Alice is a youkai magician who primarily uses dolls in her attacks. Her name comes from Miss Murgatroyd of Agatha Christie novels...

Alice Margatroid and Shanghai doll (c) Team Shanghai Alice :)

Yoeko Kurahashi