Friday, June 25, 2010

Not Enough LOLs.

How did I driled oil, lol

Texas GOP: No porn for you!

I LOL'd IRL. Is there really anything more to say? Ohhh I can't wait to get out of this state. They should just wall off Austin, annex it to some other state and call it a day.

Scientificator-type Smart Guys: If You Don't Wash Stuff, It Gets Dirty

WOW. Recyclable bags: a conspiracy to murder our children!

Another random book cover from an old thrifting spree. Man... being single looks so fun, why am I not having that much fun? :(


Your Daily Touhou Arrange contains traditional instruments this time.
The Primal Scene of Japan...
You might be fooled into thinking this isn't video game music.



  1. I think they didn't go far enough. They should ban sex. Period. Oh and ban Touhou too.

    Maybe we should take some "being single and looking happy about it" classes...

    The Touhou piece is really awesome, the sound of these instruments add to the melody itself. Nice display of skills from the player too.

  2. Forget sex... they should ban JOY and FUN. THat's what they really want. XD

    I doubt that all the married straight couples who engage in 'sodomy' will be too thrilled about it, so GJ guys.

  3. Which raises the question of who is going to enforce that ban and how? The sex police? Will the ASTF (Anti Sodomy Task Force) come crashing through your bedroom's door?

    Also: The grimoire of Alice arrange

    I Like it, with a preference for the passage at 2:58.

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  5. LOL. What? See, this is why democracy will always come out on top. No other political system ever dreamed up by the Mind Of Man offers you the freedom to elect any moron you want AND post his stupidity on the web. :D

    I double posted and deleted the other one.

  6. Yeah... seriously, the look on Chu's face is priceless, like "omg I can't believe morons like you tie your shoes in the morning"

    Everyone nowadays thinks they're an expert on anything, even if they've never cracked a book and don't even understand 90% of the words necessary to explain said concepts. I dunno, personally when there are really important things to be taken care of, I would prefer someone more intelligent than me to take care of them. Not soccer mom down the street, or joe blow living in a shack in the holler or summat. Christ almighty. that's what I hate about this country, education is blatantly frowned upon.

    O/c the 3 things I DO like about the US: beautiful land, diverse culture. and the freedom to say pretty much whatever crazy s*** you want to, about anything at all, short of death threats or sedition. Some countries are not so free with stuff like criticising government or what not. Even if idiots continue to lie, you're free to shoot them down and disagree with public policies.

    And lately I have to see, these unhinged crazies are tightening their own noose. Maybe 20% of the population are crazy enough to swallow it, but anyone with any logical thought or moderation is turned off... Case in point, even idiot America was too terrified to actually vote Sarah Palin into office. A sliver of hope.

    //long comment

  7. Yes, ha ha ha that was a narrow escape although the fact that she's apparently a serious political presence (or taken for one) means...well, let's not even dwell on that. It's too painful.

    You mean the Tea Party 'movement'? Hmm, what I can say from the perspective of a non-citizen is that almost every time a political group/party takes recourse to historical, or even semi-historical symbolism, it means they're floundering and looking for a direction to go/seeking to authenticate themselves.

    Ohhh..Idk, there are so many things to dislike about my own country. Political stupidity, bureaucratic apathy, social inequalities etc etc but I'm fed up with discussing them because everyone knows what the problems are but nobody blah blah blah.

    Though yeah, it amazes me that Americans apparently rate ignorance higher than being educated and informed....