Saturday, June 19, 2010


Have realized that I spend way too much space wanking about nonsense on either deviantart or the livejournal that maybe five people read, and things that don't really fit in those spaces. Need more room for images and real obsessing.

I'd like to post some of the old book illustrations I've been gathering in my regular thrift store hauls, so that may be the first order of business when I get some time.

It might take a while to fix the 'Links' module, sorting through my bookmarks was kind of complicated and I know I'm missing things I wanted to post there.

Jaa, mata... to the current deafening silence.


  1. Well I'll follow you on this ride, one ticket please.

  2. Annnd I messed up the comment thingie with the wrong profile thingie, sorry. Anyways, time to see what you're obsessing about.

  3. I understand, this whole thingy is still confusing me.