Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Illustrated Roger Zelazny 1979

Found this in the Goodwill last week, for 99 cents because it was with the kid's books. The illustrations are amazingly 60's like and garish, but fascinating. A little sample.. (I'll edit and add the artist's name when I get back home)

Sweet horses.

Now it's time for your Daily Touhou Arrange; this one is threefold for the price of one.
Byakuren's theme (boss of UFO and savior/Jesus to all youkai, forever may her purest name be honored and stuff.) Let's see what happens when two vastly different arrangements take on the original game music!
Emotional Skyscraper - Cosmic Mind: original flavor
Star River - kind of pop-style vocal arrange by IOSYS
Fractal Cage - techno by East New Sound.

Can you find the similarity? It was difficult for me.


  1. I never thought I'd see epic-win!vercingetoryx, a submachine gun toting guy with two flaming panther and the devil on the same page.

    Loving the original touhou.

    Here, have some cuteness:


    I needed it after depressing myself to death with one of the MariAli doujins.

  2. :( D'awrr, which one was that? I remember a couple that were kinda emo and sad... but forget which ones.

    epic...vercingetoryx? HUH ??

  3. My bad, vercingetorix, the guy on the right, with the sword and shield.


    The doujin was about Marisa dying (human lifespan) and her last request was that if Alice couldn't bear to be without her, Reimu would erase all of her memories concerning Marisa. And send her to the real world to live a new life.

    Even the ending where she is reunited with a "reincarnated" Marisa who lost most of her memories is bittersweet.

    I'm depressed...

  4. Oh! I read that, Twinkle little star or something? It was sad but cute... aw don't be sad they were reunited and Marisa remembered her too XD

    If you want cuteness, did you read the Sapuri MA-Zero and MA 2? Try those... will make you feel better

  5. They were cute. Actually I went over all the MariAli archive, but made the mistake of reading Twinkle last.

    Urgh stories like this always make me feel sad. You know, when the author really succeed in putting this "emptiness" emotion into the story, and you've experienced it, it comes back when you read. Don't know if I really make sense.

    Oh, check your DA, I think you put the same link twice...

    I need some intraveinous MariAli...

  6. Did you guys read the Amber Chronicles? These images represent all kinds of things happening in the story. I specialy like the one with the tarot cards showing all the brothers as on the Trumps. That's the one at the bottom.
    If you haven't read the books, I can really recommend them. An awesome read!