Saturday, January 8, 2011

Thrift dinos of 2011

I've looked everywhere for one of those 3-tiered wire hanging baskets for fruit and stuff to use in the kitchen (I even went to WALMART because I want one so badly,) but instead I found these--

Chap Mei Amargasaurus (I think) and Oviraptor (I didn't notice it was missing its hands until just now when I was taking the picture ;_; ), 1988 Carnegie Stegosaurus, a fugly yellow theropod (I think it was an Allosaurus or something from a Zallinger painting), what looks like a mutant Pinacosaurus, and a Protoceratops.

I had wanted those 2 small Chap Mei's, shame about the Oviraptor hands as otherwise it's a cute figure really... I love the Amargasaurus though. it's so unrealistic, the colors are great.

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