Monday, November 22, 2010

Ugliest Dinosaur 2010 WORLD CHAMPION


Not only that, but its entire 'family' is pictured below. I don't think I've ever seen a more hideous bunch. I want them....

I have discovered that Sega makes Dinosaur King figures, and they are actually pretty cute.

Icky dinosaur 2010: Safari Apatosaurus
I saw this figure a couple weeks ago when I dropped by a local hobby shop. It looks really nice at first until I realized the neck is totally ****ed up. I guess it's supposed to be saggy wrinkled skin. I don't know what in hell possessed someone to dream this up, but for some reason it gives me a sensation of visceral disgust, like shivers in my gut as if it reminds me of something really gross that I can't remember. It's just really... repulsive somehow, and I can't get OVER IT enough to consider buying this otherwise nice figure.

I wonder if anyone else feels the same, or if there's something wrong with me.

Bought this on sale at my work place, out of the boys' clothing section. That is awesome.

UPDATE!!! I found out what those weird ceramic figures I bought were based on: Sinclair World's Fair figures (See the third photo) As a kid I actually had one of these figures that came out of a machine, but it was from the St. Louis Zoo and was an elephant. You put your money in and it molds the figure right there. Very weird... Anyway, you can see the fugly Trachodon and the fairly cute Stego here. I wonder if someone made a mold from the original figures and used them to make ceramic ones, or what...

Music that isn't actually Touhou this time

The animation they put to it is Touhou, but the music is totally unrelated. I really like this music and I don't know why.

Black Mountain - Queens Will Play This is not even Japanese. I heard it playing in the coffee shop I go to, and looked up the lyrics. It turns out some of their songs are really good. For all I know however, this is the most popular band in the universe and I'm the last person to hear them, so don't laugh at me if this is the case. All I listen to lately is freakin video game vocal trance remixes, Lithuanian neo-folk and random symphonic metal so I wouldn't know. (It wasn't always this way, for years it was chiefly indie rock and alternative and seeing lots of shows at tiny clubs, but I can't be arsed lately to pay attention and vocal trance/etc is more suited to what I'm creating at the moment)

I'm not sure what this is, but it's pretty much the best thing ever

In other news, I have to go to work at 4:00 AM this Friday because people are insane consumerist zombies... Well I suppose that's one way to have an adventure. Or screw up your sleep quality even more for a whole week, whichever. I foresee total physical collapse around noon when I get home


  1. That is...not a theropod, let alone a Spinosaurus *Dead.*

    The Dinosaur King things are adorable, but since when does Parasaurolophus have plates that resemble leaves? Is it a Grass-Type Pokemon in that world or something?

    We have those machines at the Field Museum, too. You could probably make every dinosaur in that bag if you wanted.

    BTW, was that vid supposed to be 'about' the old status of women in Japan?

  2. Re: DK Para: I have no idea, I assumed it was some kind of... 'thing' they have going on that I don't understand, like dinosaurs with some kind of weird armor. but youre right it does look like a Grass Pokemon, LOLL.

    Oh wow, you have those Sinclair making machines? Weird...

    Re: video, I have no idea what it's about, there are multiple videos under '6 Singing Girls' and they're doing different things in them... I assumed it was something like that but I don't know anything more about it than you do as I haven't looked it up.