Monday, November 29, 2010

Grab bag, now with MOAR Chinasaurs!

LOLcat for scale.

JPIII Tapejara
The only real damage is small paint rubs. It still makes a noise when you press a button on the back, although it's supposed to make another when you push the neck forward to open the mouth. This is really exciting for me.

Jasman T-Rex
Minor Chinese company that, according to dinosaurcollector, made some remote-control dino's, plain models and this in the style of Jurassic Park. Apparently it would have made noise and had glowing eyes when it worked.

Playskool Definitely Dinosaurs from 1987.

This Thing
A 2010 McDonald's premium from some movie (?) that looks like a mutated ankylosaur. It seems to have done something at some point, because when you push the button on its back, it opens its mouth and a red fireball looking tongue thing comes out (also pictured: a horse-thing from Avatar, which does light up. Found another, different Avatar creature but its leg was broken T_T ) The tabs on the side move but don't seem to do anything now. What is it? I just threw it in the 3-dollar bag along with a Breyer colt in nice shape.

You can never have enough plates and saucers, or old Russian language primers (2 more saucers for kitties' wet food)

Assorted Chinasaurs, a few from last time and some from yesterday. Actually a few of them aren't bad for cheap knockoffs... and I really like the Monoclonius type in front

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