Monday, September 13, 2010

Ufufufu-- atarashi hon wa sugoi deshou

Epic haul; kittie.

Peterson First Field Guide, Dinosaurs' 1990.
Very small slim book, but IMO it's pretty cute and the illustrations are nice in their own way.

How and Why Book of Prehistoric Mammals
Score, I was eyeing this one and dinosaurs version. Nothing really special, but classic cos I remember these from my childhood. I rented every dinosaur/paleo related book from the public library many, many times. (c) 1962, 1981 printing O_O Man, they really got the mileage out of these old things.

Audobon Society- Prehistoric Life 1965.
I had a few of these books when I was younger, they either came from my grandparents' house or my mom got them at some estate sale. They originally, I gather, came with some sort of case, and were an educational program with different nature and science topics. Inset pictures were actually stamps that you glued in. Just happens to be luck I found the paleo one. Meh, lots of Knight and Zallinger and ripoffs thereof, but it's good times nonetheless.

Around the World Library- Attack and Defense: Antlers and Horns

"Illustrations by Hubert Meeze, Adapted by ellen M. Dolan, from the text by Edgard Kesteloot. McGraw-Hill, 1967. Really interesting illustration style. Sample below...

Bonus image from the large book, for you-know-who-you-are, cassowary fetishist. I'll use a separate post for the other pics of this, because they are excessively large and include full fold-outs.

*Thank you, this has been the latest post from a future star of "Hoarders" when I am swallowed by my vintage book collection.


  1. Nice books. I have my dinosaur encyclopaedia here, not as old as your gems (it says 1990), but maybe you would like to have a look? I love its illustrations.

  2. Oh, plz tell me which one. Something I don't have maybe? I have a bunch of generic dinosaur 'encyclopedias', it's hard to even keep track of them :lol:

    I keep seeing stuff that I think I don't have, until I realize they're reprintings of books that were in different format, or cheap books that recycled the illustrations from another book, etc etc. The discount/used bookstore I frequent literally has three full shelves of dinosaur books in the kids section (unfortunately the adult Science paleo shelf is not nearly as packed altho I've found a couple things there)

    In particualr there's a book I think Simon and Schuster (??) encyclopedia of dinosaurs and prehistoric life, edited by Dixon-- I forget the original year, but that thing has been reprinted and re-formatted god only knows how many times, without even bothering to replace some of the total crap illustrations (the hoofed mammals section is particularly bad, it's depressing when *I* could do a better job)

    that said its still an awesome book as it has more variety and overview than most books on prehistoric life.