Saturday, September 18, 2010

Found: One Calico Kitten

I'll paste what I wrote elsewhere:

Iwas getting read to go for a walk, and this kitten runs up an
d nyaaa's at me, immediately started rubbing on me. Actually I saw this kitty a couple days ago sleeping on the balcony in front of some other apartment, noted that she was beautiful and assumed she was their cat. But when I petted her I saw she was emaciated-looking, her stomach is so hollow and she's thin. You can feel the individual bones of her spine. I went to get some food to see, and she started wolfing it down like its the last food on earth. I gave her a small dish of water and she started gulping it like a fish.

Got a box with a towel in it, and luckily had a plastic tray I can use for a small litterbox. she immediately jumped in and started using it. O___o I wonder if she's someones kitten who got lost, maybe i could like put up an ad or something. Immediately after I dosed her with flea killer and gave her a belly rub, she conked out into a deep sleep in her bed. That's probably the first good meal and safe bed she's had for at least a few days, considering how skinny she is.

Naturally my cats are suspicious, and watching her, but luckily they aren't aggressive aside from a little growling and have never attacked other cats (they pretty much run away.) Would be easier if I could keep this one inside, but she could have fleas and probably isn't immunized either.

So... bothersome.


I'll have two Touhou vids today.
TAMusic violin/piano remix of "Reach For the Moon, Immortal Smoke"

Guy whose NicoNico Douga Name I can't Remember, Who Makes These Indescribable Things: A Thing I Can't Adequately Describe

I'll leave you to ponder that one...

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