Tuesday, September 14, 2010

And now for something completely different

Well well, this needed its own post, for sanitation purposes. You'll notice in the photo of the book haul, the skinny red book Jokes for the John. (c) 1961 Kanrom Inc, no author is credited.

Excerpted from the preface:

IT'S A GAS MAN!!! (sic) For the prennially pooped, we offer you hormones in print. Someone has pulled our chain again, so relax, loosen your tie and get ready to howl around like a hopped-up Tomcat.

Here, for your idle reading enjoyment is a new volume of lusty, gusty,and busty humor, that's been responsible for more blushes than an open zipper at an old maid's picnic.

This is the book that put the smoke into the clubcars.
This is the book that Lolita is afraid to bring home to father.
This is the book that everyone out of their skulls are consulting their psychiatrists about.

(formatting original)

To be honest, most of the cartoons are tired jokes about boring marriages/cheating on your wife, lame things that don't make a lot of sense nor have a lot to do with sex (false advertising!) or just innocuously 'naughty' boredom.

However, there are exceptions which I've taken the time to scan, just for you. Please look beyond the cut, as content may be borderline questionable or even offensive depending on your sensitivity level...

Oh... LOL! Cos sexual assault is funny and women really like it! Ah the '60's.


...Huh. Haha... I guess. ??

W00t!! Jackpot-- misogny AND bonus racism! What a wonderful time to yearn for...

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