Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Housewife no Zasshi da ze! Pt. 1

Shufu no Tomo, "Housewife's Friend"

I found this in a secondhand/discount bookstore in Phoenix. from 1973. Let's enjoy Japan, won't you? I'd translate more, but there would be too many kanji to look up and it would take me days. There's stuff about food from all over the world, your husband, being thin (maybe??? I can't find a compound with river in it)

Something down there says "Your husband's healthy supervision/management/control" **EDIT: I see, I just paid attention and the art of the woman surrounded by cartoons of slobby guys is the same article so I assume it's supervising your husband's health or cooking healthy for your husband. Hahah..

Gaijin wa, Waarudi ga hoshii desu yo!!! Man look at those baka gaijin. They are really bakas.

Who can turn the world on with her smile?

Processed Cheeze Food on sushi roll. Sounds... delicious? There is apparently a big push for cheese in Japan, since they never had it in Asia and they sell it as something that will make kids big and strong. Hence: Chiizu-kun desu~ He's a lump of melted cheese! And he wants to be your best friend. Huzzah!

Check out the typography. WTH?

They thought of the foods I hate most and assembled them all into one dish. I really hope those things in the broccoli bowl are lychee because they look like raw chicken spleens or something. And I don't even want to know what that lump of meat stuff on the other plate is. Yummm, hard boiled eggs and whole unpeeled prawn with delicately ripped up mystery flesh and oniony stuff. My mouth is watering.

Jeez... what up with this kid, is the old witch in the forest fattening him up for a roast??!? He's even chubbier than Kenny from the first Gamera movie. Where's Tibby??

Wow, it's like the Seventies threw up all over Japan!

AND NOW... Your Touhou Arrange
East New Sound 極白色のエデン

I think it translates to something like 'Highest/Purest White Eden' but I'm not sure about the kyoku's exact meaning in this phrase, since it's white I think it's the extreme of white.

I've posted this circle before but I've listened to this song several times today, so.


  1. Oh Japan, you so crazy!

    Darn right about not having cheese in Asia, BTW. It has to be marketed specially. *Nod.*

  2. Man... I think thats the only trouble I'd have with food there. I LOVE CHEESE. Fancy cheese... like Dutch goat gouda, Basque sheep milk cheeze, port-soaked cheese, cheese with cranberry or nettles, blah blah blah *drool*

    Good cheese is expensive though, so I only get it now and then. There are a couple of affordable goat cheeses.