Sunday, July 4, 2010

Wild Animals of North America

Nat.Geo book from 1960. Note that 'Animals' means 'Mammals.' Not sure why it isn't specified... I must not have looked at it much after I bought it, because I forgot how nice the illustrations are. Here are just a few...

Forgot that it had Pleistocene mammals., and this handy evolutionary chart.

Large chapter of cetaceans.

Random bonus: 1960 from publisher Garden City. Sadly contains no Argentavis or Dinornis...

Your Touhou Arrange!
Rock arrange this time of Plain Asia, Keine's theme from Imperishable Night

Under the Name of the Divine Beast

I'm all fired up~


  1. Ah, yes...Kathy Love (or, rather, her husband) did a photo based off of that cornsnake picture. <- Here! :D

  2. Oh wow, thats so cool!

    and yeah it's a great book. I scanned the hogsnake photo too, I'll post it on my photobukkit because it's a 2 page spread so doesn't look at good. Nice pic tho.