Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dinosaurs and Flame Wars: repost and more

I got my popcorn out yesterday to read the March archives of the Dinosaur Mailing List If there were a Fandom Wank for science, the responses to Gregory S. Paul's initial post on ripoffs and price undercutting in paleoart would be a great hit. See also this article for an apparently biased view, if commenters have anything to say about it. (For the record, I agree with a lot of what he says but also agree with those who say it sounds like he is over-reaching with some of it...)

I actually bookmarked a post by Luis Rey. l ...don't know why, but I like this guy, lol. That was my favorite post in the whole thing. *fangirls*

And GSP totally dissed Mark Witton OMGWTF! Oh no he di'int!! Why do I know who these people are? Because I lurk on so many blogs where some of them regularly post. It's kind of weird... I've been reading TetZoo for so long and started seeing lots of people like this commenting there, and then went on to read lots of other blogs.

As for me, I know enough to follow discussions on the DML and elsewhere, but not enough to say anything about anything, and I'll leave it at that. That's why I Lurk Moar. :iconthumbsupplz: You can learn a lot from your betters! I don't even remember from one month to the next, which new taxon have been lumped or split, because I am not a scientist and have other things to read about/do(see here)

Goodwill finds: AAA Tyrannosaurus and 1988 Carnegie Brachiosaurus (a good 14' tall.)

But to me it looks different than the ones pictured here.


Extra: Review of the worst movie ever put on film, pt 1 and pt 2

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