Friday, March 25, 2011

Book Hoarding update

A few things I picked up within the last few weeks... a couple are left out, I'll get to them in more detail in further posts, including a focus on the Golden Book.

When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth (1985) by David Norman, illustrated by John Sibbick.

Despite its printing date, this copy is in pretty extraordinary condition. There isn't even a single crease in the dust jacket. Great cover, or Greatest cover?? Fire, random volcanoes, the obligate pterosaur AND a T-rex viciously killing something-- what more could you ask from an '80's kids' dinosaur book? Samples below.

Epic 1980's Sibbick goodness/clunkiness abounds.

The Origin and Evolution of Birds (1999 2nd edition), Alan Feduccia.

1/2 Price has had a hardcover first edition since forever ago, but it's too expensive for me to bother with. Lo, on this random visit they had a paperback 2nd ed. for half that price. Sure, it's outdated and mostly discredited BAND cheerleading, but it has DIAGRAMS.

It's full of stuff like this. I only wish the full illustrations that were presumably made for the book were printed in color.

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  1. NieA_7 O___O

    I have that book about manga too. I just realised it comes with a DVD but I never checked out what's on it. xD