Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Let's Build Some Kaiyodos!

I recently won an ebay auction for the (apparently) complete Series 3 set of Kaiyodo/UHA Dinotales miniatures. I haven't bought on ebay for a long time, but it was too cheap to pass up and since I just got a job and happened to have paypal money... well anyway I paid $35 WITH shipping and handling from Hong Kong, for 24 figures, which is way less than $2/figure. If you bought them individually they are anywhere from $3 to 15+ depending on the figure... you do the math.

I've had a really bad few weeks due to overwork, getting sick again, and exam week on top of it, so here was an afternoon well spent.

How do they fit all those into a tiny box that fits in my mail slot? Anticipation...

Turns out they were all sealed, i wasn't actually sure whether they were loose or not. First one is Trochosaurus, a cynodont thingie. Ruler for scale.

Partially-assembled Plesiosaurus skeleton. This was probably the most delicate figure.

I really love how this one came unassembled, it's the Maiasaura hatchling and egg... look at the detailed base with leaves on it. The plastic was a bit translucent red, painted over.

Detail where it's not even strictly needed. Shown: Glyptodon, Hemicyclaspis, and a trilobite.

Apatosaurus is one of my favorite. He just looks fantastic, the paint job is beautiful, he's so lively.

Looks so real I want him swimming in my aquarium. MARKETING IDEA: Cambrian creatures for your aquarium???? Is it done yet??

All of it assembled. Got this random shelf last week from a thrift store, don't know if it's their final housing but it was lucky I had it for now since I'd have had no safe place for such tiny things.

Weirdness: in the end I had 25 figures altho it's a set of 24. Ended up with three duplicates (a happy accident as it happens) and I don't have either Acrocanthosaurus, the live or skeleton, or the skeleton Deinonychus. I'm not that bothered, I got all the ones I REALLY wanted, not that I'd turn down Acrocanthosaurus but it's not really my favorite. I don't understand though how I got 22 here on my shelf, but am missing three from the set. Was the T-rex or another a 'secret' extra figure? Regardless, even with duplicates, even if I'd gotten a couple of damaged ones, etc, it was worth the pittance. I think the only reason it went under the radar was that the seller didn't label them as Kaiyodo but just under generic 'dinosaurs' tag. Would have been worth bidding higher, really.

Conclusion: If you've ever thought about getting some Kaiyodos you shouldn't hesitate. Despite the size they are every bit as quality as reputation has it. The plastic is hard almost resin type (?) and contrary to what you'd expect, the tiny little pieces snap together easily and soundly. They are very well made, and amazingly detailed. I love and treasure them... the only off one, Hallucigenia may need some glue on the tail end, everything else fit together with no problem.

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