Sunday, October 24, 2010

Princeton Field Guide to Dinosaurs, Illustrated Encyclopedia

Four books on the right from the Goodwill. I sold a bunch of books and cd's I'd had for a good amount of money and used part of it for the dinosaur books on the left. The Greg Paul one was just published within the last month, got it half off. And I was just recently getting depressed because I couldn't afford to buy it.

Dixon's "Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia..." is an update of a book I've had for a while, that was published in 2006 and mainly features dinosaurs with some pterosaurs and marine reptiles thrown in. For that reason I never thought much about this book when I saw it, but it's been expanded pretty greatly. (I have yet to go through more carefully and see what dinosaurs were added, though.) There are no 3D illustrations, which is awesome.

Random diapsids!



For a general-interest level book it's very worth getting.

I particularly liked this section in the Field Guide about biology and anatomy:


  1. Wow! There is nothing about Tanytrachylos on internet!It should be a very recent discovery, no paper online about...

  2. Check out for something on Tanytrachelos and other non-dinos.